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How long does it take to perform custom modifications or design work?
While many custom modifications can be made in a matter of minutes, there is still no firm answer for customization. When you inquire about custom work you will be given an estimated completion timeframe. This timeframe will depend upon the complexity and current schedule at the time.

How much does it cost to have customizations made?
This is depends upon the degree of customization made. West Rim Designs strives to operate with no hidden fees or charges so the cost for custom modifications will be confirmed prior to doing the work. If you are interested in customization please contact tech support with a detailed description and you will be issued a custom quote.

How and when do I pay for custom site work?
Once you accept the quoted price for the custom request you will be issued an invoice through email with a link to submit credit card payment through Paypal. Once payment is received, the custom request will be processed and completed.

Can I request custom modifications during the trial period?
Custom modifications will not be made during the 30 day free trial period.