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How much does it cost to register my domain name?
If you sign up for continued service after your 30 day trial period, domain registration is included in your $20 monthly fee. If you wish to register your domain before the end of your trial period the domain registration costs $20 for the monthly fee. Any remaining free time on your trial period will then be applied toward the next billing date.

Why is the domain registration included in the service?
West Rim Designs is mainly providing the domain registration as a service. We are not in the business to take advantage of our hosting clients nor are we in business to profit on domain registrations. We believe the domain name is one of the most importants aspects of a successful website and therefore is a non-negotiable.

What if I already have a domain name registered?
No problem...If you already have your domain name registered, you will need to simply change the DNS settings of your domain (Primary =, Secondary = ) and make a tech request to have your domain name added to the West Rim Hosting DNS server.

What if I register my domain through West Rim Designs but later decide to cancel my website account?
While it is our top goal to retain our website clients longterm, if you must cancel your website account West Rim Designs will approve the transfer to the registrar of your choice.

If I register my domain through West Rim Designs, who owns the name?
If you register your domain through West Rim Designs, it will be registered through our listing, we will act as administrators of your name but you will retain ownership.

Once my domain has been registered how long will it take to point to my website?
It may take 24-48 hours for your domain to resolve and point to your website.