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Is my admin control panel secure?
There are many levels of Internet Security that have different connotations to different users. The directory storing your control panel files is password protected which provides adequate security.

In the literal sense of security your control panel is not encrypted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL). This means that the information you enter could be viewed by a third party. However, the only information entered in your admin control panel is that which comprises the content of your website and can be viewed by anyone who visits your site.

How does WestRimDesigns protect my personal information?
WestRimDesigns protects your personal information by not collecting it. We take privacy and protection very seriously and do not wish to carry the burden of responsibility. This is why the only information we will have access to is your name and email address. We will never distribute, sell or share the names or email addresses of our clients for any reason.

Is my credit card information kept secure?
WestRimDesigns will never ask you for your credit card information directly. Through the invoice process your information will be processed by Paypal and will never be seen by WestRimDesigns.